North East Fife MP Stephen Gethins

Scotland has hit the natural lottery twice first with hydrocarbons and second with Europe’s best offshore renewables potential. Given our responsibility to tackle climate change and provide a sustainable environment for future generations it is important that we develop this green energy potential. That will be good for the economy in terms of jobs and investment and developing expertise that we can export in this exciting industry as well as providing a responsible and reliable source of energy. However any developments should be in the right place and provide benefits to the local communities affected.

Stephen Gethins
North East Fife MP

Opportunities for Scottish companies

Visibility of a pipeline of projects in Scotland, the UK and Europe is important to companies to enable them to make the investment they require. We see the Neart na Gaoithe project as adding to that pipeline of opportunities for Scottish companies.

Seonaid Vass
Head of Renewable Energy, Scottish Enterprise

Long term security

If we were involved in the NnG project it would give us long term security which would allow us to invest in and grow the business

Robin Colin
Eyemouth Marine

100 jobs plus fabrication opportunities

The opportunities for jobs for the NnG project are really two fold; the harbour – logistics port type activities, resulting in around 100 jobs and the fabrication opportunities and that could be up to several hundred jobs for pipe fitting and welding.

Rory Gunn
General Manager, Global Energy Group

Community benefit

It will benefit the community to have well-paid, highly skilled, permanent jobs.

Fiona Hutchison
Montrose Marine Services

Transformational positive change

NnG would bring new businesses to the town, it would provide a boost and transformational positive change in Eyemouth

Christine Bell
Eyemouth Harbour Trust

The NnG Coalition was set up by the offshore supply chain to promote the NnG Offshore Wind project and the benefits it will bring to Scotland’s economy and environment.

We are a growing group of over 75 organisations who passionately believe that Fife and the wider areas of east-central Scotland desperately need the benefits the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm will bring in terms of jobs and local supply chain activities.

We welcome the decision on 7th November from the Supreme Court in London rejecting RSPB Scotland’s application for leave to appeal, in its three year judicial review of a planning decision made by Scottish Ministers in 2014.

Alan Duncan, spokesman for the Coalition said: “We are delighted with today’s decision. This means the only major infrastructure project that is ready to build in Scotland next year can now go ahead, creating 2,000 jobs for each year of its four year construction process as well as hundreds of long-term permanent jobs.

“This nationally-significant infrastructure project has already been delayed unnecessarily by RSPB Scotland for more than two and a half years so now it’s our time to come together and make the most of this £827 million injection into our economy.”

Facts about the NnG Offshore Wind Farm

• The impact on Scottish GDP (in 2016 terms) is equivalent to 0.6% of the country’s onshore GDP, or £827.4m over the lifetime of the project

• One of the major infrastructure projects in Scotland ready to build

• Some £382m of additional activity will be generated in Scotland’s construction industries, with a further £440.2m in the services sector.

• Will supply all the homes in a city the size of Edinburgh

• Will displace 400,000 tonnes of CO2 annually

During the construction phase, it will support an average of 2,000 Scottish jobs for every year of construction.

Once operational, in 2021, it will support an average of 236 Scottish jobs for every year of operation.

NnG Offshore Wind Farm Coalition

The NnG Offshore Wind Farm Coalition is a group of over 75 organisations that have joined together in support of the Neart na Gaoithe (NnG) offshore wind farm proposed for a site 15km off the coast of Fife.

A Fraser of Allander Institute report recently estimated that NnG would contribute 0.6% of GDP (£827m) to the Scottish economy over the project’s lifetime, creating thousands of jobs during the construction phase and over 230 operations and maintenance jobs for the 25 year lifetime of the wind farm. NnG will produce 450 megawatts of clean energy – enough to power a city the size of Edinburgh.

Neart na Gaoithe means ‘strength of the wind’ and the wind farm will generate up to 450MW…

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